School Podcast

October 2017 News and Updates at Richmond School


In today’s episode Jeff Weiss, district administrator, and Gena Santharam, principal, and director of pupil services at Richmond School talk about various school committees, athletics and clubs, the upcoming 175th anniversary celebration, and more.


  • Parent Advisory
    • 7 parent volunteers
    • Opens two-way communication between parents and Richmond’s Leadership Team
  • Richmond’s 175th Anniversary Celebration Committee
    • Celebration planned for 5.31.18
    • Theme: Time Flies
  • Leadership Team
    • 4 teacher volunteers + 2 alternates
    • Committees: Construction, Policy, Finance, Facilities

Budget Adjustment Meeting

  • Will be held 10.23.17 at 6pm
  • Preliminary budget established earlier this year will be confirmed

Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • 10.11.17 3:40 – 7:30pm
  • 10.12.17 1:00 – 7:30pm

Athletics & Clubs

  • New Spanish Club
    • Sign up in the Main Office
    • Meets once a week on Tuesdays
  • Girls’ Basketball
    •  Began on 9.30.17
    •  Tournaments:
      • Grade 5: December 4-9 at Merton
      • Grade 6: December 4-9 at North Lake
      • Grade 7: December 11-16 at Swallow
      • Grade 8: December 11-16 at Freeze Lake

WISN Channel 12 Visit

  • Teacher of the Month Award: Celeste DuFrane
  • Shout-outs to Sussex



Welcome Back to the 2017-2018 Richmond School Year


Welcome to the first Richmond School podcast. This episode features some of the new and exciting happenings surrounding our school that took place over summer break.

In today’s show Jeff Weiss, District Administrator, and Gena Santharam, Principal and Director of Pupil Services talk about some big achievements, school improvements, new faces around the school, and newly implemented initiatives that will further student education and growth.


  • Richmond’s 175th birthday
  • Tier 1 Bronze Level Award
  • Title One Award


  • Parking lot
  • Technology

New Faces

  • 23 new families enrolled
  • Eight new staff faces in both teaching and behind-the-scenes roles


  • Personalized Learning + Academic Career Planning
  • Mental Health Committee
  • Science Program