Student Council


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Advisor: Mrs. Laura Callen

Student Council is currently working on several projects. Please know that our Box Tops for Education project can now be done by downloading the Box Tops app to your phone.

PARENTS: Please note and be aware of the requirements to attend an out of school leadership conference for Student Council. These guidelines will apply to all invitations extended to Student Council members. The ultimate decision regarding approval to attend an event will be communicated from the teaching staff to Mrs. Callen. The expectations are:

  • All grades must be a 2.5 or better.
  • Students attending an event may not have any disciplinary referrals.
  • Students will be allowed no more than one late assignment during that quarter.
  • All homework due on the day of the event must be turned in ahead of time at the teacher’s discretion.
  • If a test is being given on the day of the event, the student should expect to take the test at the teacher’s discretion.

Please feel free to call Mrs. Callen if you have any questions about this policy.