Lunch Information

Lunch Account Procedures

Richmond School utilizes the Skyward student software program. When using it, parents are requested to deposit sufficient funds to cover the next month’s lunch expenses. Cash or checks may be sent to the school office, or payments may be made online through the E-funds website.

Parents should monitor the balance in the account through the Parent Portal and are encouraged to deposit funds on a regular basis. If your child(ren)’s lunch account balance reaches zero or below, our system generates an email notifying you to make a payment immediately.

Parents/Guardians, please note:

  1. If your child’s lunch account becomes negative, he/she will be able to charge only one (1) lunch from the daily lunch menu selections.
  2. If the account remains negative for a second and third day, a sandwich alternative and milk will be served to the student.
  3. On the fourth day, if the account is still negative, parents will need to send a lunch to school with their child(ren). Families qualifying for free or reduced lunch receive services based on federal guidelines and state regulations.

Cash or Check Payments:

Payments are deposited in an individual student account. If you have more than one child at Richmond you must make separate deposits into each account. One family check can be written out as long as you indicate on the memo line how much you would like allocated to each child’s account. Please make checks payable to “Richmond School”.

Electronic Payments:

You can make an electronic deposit through E-funds via our Richmond School website. The link can be found under the “For Parents” tab, then “Lunch Information” and “Online Account Payments.”

If you are new to E-funds, you will be asked for your child’s 5-digit Student ID number. Please be sure to link all of your children to your account and allocate money for each child.